11 Most Recommended Music Distribution Companies For Music Artis

11 Most Recommended Music Distribution Companies For Music Artis

11 Most Recommended Music Distribution Companies For Music Artis

Music Distribution Companies serve as a middle man between your songs and the digital stores around the country. The importance of music distribution companies in your music career can never be underestimated because at some point in your career; there would be a need for your songs to reach a wider audience. This is where the need of these music distribution companies comes in because with them – you can achieve the following below.

  • They make your music available on different online music platforms
  • They ensure your songs reach a wider audience
  • They distribute your music around various stores in the country.
  • They save you the stress direct contact with online and offline music stores

 How Can You Identify A Good Music Distribution Company?

Well, there are various ways you can identify a good identity a good music distribution company – it all depends on your own definition of good. To some music artists, a good distribution company has to be really affordable while others may prefer a music distribution company that can make his/her music get on the best stores around. But nevertheless here some factors to look out for when choosing from music distribution companies. You should know;

  • the number of stores that they will distribute your music to.
  • the number of countries they can distribute your music to.
  • the cost of dealing with them.
  • How and when they pay your royalties
  • if you are paying any annual fee.

Anyway below are some of the most recommended music distribution companies to should try out; Note that this list are in no particular order but are the most recommended.


  1. CD Baby: CD Baby is actually of the best music distribution companies around the world today. They ensure that your music/albums is distributed on over 150 online digital and music streaming stores. They also make your songs/albums available on CDs and Vinyl for the purpose of physical distribution. All the quality of the these features all depends on the kind of pricing plan you chose when uploading your songs/albums on their platform. They collect payment on each music/album you are uploading and give you 100% royalties which is usually paid weekly. Everything you need to give them is just a one time fee per item – No monthly or yearly renewal fee. They also assist you in analytical report tool to track the progress of your music sales and provide you with social video monetization. Their pricing starts from 9.95$ for each songs and 49$ for each album. Though these prices depends on the kind of features you want.
  2.  ReverbNation: Here is another great music distribution company whose major goal is to ensure the progress of the artist. This should not be surprising because their slogan “Artists First” has a lot to speak about their brand. They are one of the most affordable out the music distribution companies we have with their pricing plan starting from zero dollar – which is the same as free. With this free plan, a music artist is able to upload his/her songs directly on their platform and still make sales. They also allow free users to create a website with their platform in other to get feedback from their listeners. But if the free plan user wishes to make use of ReverbNation distributing service, he/she can pay as low as 1$ for each single and 9$ per album in other to get your music/album across various online digital and streaming stores.
  3. Tunecore: This is one of the oldest music distribution companies of its kind and actually of the best which started as far back in 2006. They pay artists 100% royalty but the artist is meant to pay an annual fee in other to use their service. They will distribute your music/album on over 150 digital stores and online streaming platform. Tunecore also provides artists with social media promotion, music publishing administration, easy to understand sales data, and marketing report. You should note that all these extra services will lead to one-time payment while the distribution remains an annual payment. They are pricing starts from 9.99$ for the first year for a song while their pricing for first year for a complete album is 29.99$ and 49.99$ for the recurring year. They also help in distribution of ringtones at 19.99$ per year.
  4. Distrokid: Distrokid has a wide network of partners and online stores that they can distribute your songs to. They are also known to be the fastest of all music distribution companies in terms of distributing your music to various digital stores in a really short period of time. Distrokid too pay their artists 100% royalties but with an annual fee. This company offer some other value added services which has their unique prices also – this service are been discussed with the company, depending on the artists need. Another unique value of using distrokid distribution company is that they provide unlimited data back up for your songs. You should also note that distrokid collect their fee per artist – starting from 19.99$ per year.
  5. RouteNote: This is yet another powerful music distribution company that allows free distribution for music artist but the artist will only get 85% of their royalties been paid to them while the remaining 15% goes to RouteNote. I believe not all music artist would love to go by the free option which is the reason why this particular distributing company made another option for its premium users. The premium users are made to pay an upfront fee, so as to get 100% of their royalties. Other additional services route note offers include; comprehensive data report on streaming and sales, promote your music to audience on YouTube through RouteNote Studio, paying referral program and so many other amazing features.
  6. Ditto Music: This also belongs to the list of the best music distribution companies in the continent today. They allow a music artist upload unlimited songs and also giving them 100% royalties. This music distribution company is capable of distributing your music to over 100 digital stores and streaming platforms. However, they also offer pre-release promotional service – you get access to some other great promotional tools, chart registration, free USP and ISR codes, music sales data report and many others. In other to get started with Ditto Music, you are meant to pay a sum of 19$ per year.
  7. OneRPM: This just a cool music distributing company that allow your music reach a wider audience through their network and also increase the user engagement of your existing fan base in the music industry. The other amazing features of OneRPM includes social media promotion, direct selling, marketing, cover licensing, business intelligence, video production, right management and other amazing offers. They allow free tier for audio distribution but not for video distribution where you pay a one-time fee. Meanwhile, never forget that they are going be deducting 15% of the royalties made from audios, 30% from ringtones and 50% from videos.
  8. Fresh Tunes: Fresh tune is one the free music distribution companies we have on our list today. They offer free music distribution but make their money from the other services they render which include heavy promotional advert YouTube and Facebook. These two platforms are major platforms they use for their registered users. You can promote your songs on fresh tunes for a starting price on 25$ in other to get your music accessed across the globe.
  9. Indiefy: This just another free music distribution company that make your music available on several online digital stores and streaming platforms across the globe. Some of them which include ITunes, Deezer, shazam, google music, Tidal, Napster, Amazon music, Spotify, and so many others. Aside distributing your music, they also give you good analytical report on how well your music is doing – these analytical report will contain the location of your listeners, and the profile of the listener. Why not give them a trial.
  10. Amuse: One of the best free music distribution companies in the continent but a unique fact about them is – if you want your music get distributed through there company, then you will need to actually pass through some screening stages. They act just like a record label, your project needs to be convincing enough before it can get approved for distribution. Your music will then be heard from various parts of the world.
  11. Record Union: This is a paid music distribution company in which you get started by registering a free account with them where you will be asked to pick a pricing plan starting from 7$. Each of these plans has different digital stores you want your music to be distributed to. You pay these fees annually and also note that they deduct 15% off the artist’s income. Nevertheless, you will get the value of what you are paying for.
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Conclusion :
Now, it is left to you to select which of these music distribution companies is the best for and meets your budget. You can also visit their official website to find out more about their amazing features. Ensure you use the social share button to spread this valuable piece and also remember to drop your comment below so as to let us know what you think about these recommended music distribution companies.

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