Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Group: Join Now And Chat With Sugar Mummies

Join Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Group Now - Hi guys, a lot of people have asked us to create a Sugar Mummy WhatsApp group for this website where you can meet and chat with sugar mummies directly. We have decided to listen to you and the Sugar Mummy WhatsApp group has been created!

Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Group
You must be smiling now right? Yeah, we told you that we are committed to making sure you get connected to your dream sugar mama, and this WhatsApp group automatically makes it easier for you to reach out to all Sugar Mummy On Whatsapp Numbers.. we have also create a WhatsApp Group Link for our users who are ready to go into a serious relationship with Sugar Momma. Rich Nigerian sugar mummy WhatsApp group link connection is also available here.
However, for you to join this WhatsApp group, you must meet the requirements that we have stated below. Read them now.
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How To Join Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Group

1. The WhatsApp group is an adult group and you must be 18 years and above to be eligible to join this WhatsApp group. However, if you are above 18 years and still behave like a kid inside the group, you will be kicked out immediately.
2. In this WhatsApp group, you must respect yourself, do not insult anyone, our sugar mummies are very rich and sensitive so don't use your insulting mouth to get them all pissed.
3. You are not permitted to add any random person to the group. Before you add anybody, you must first contact the Admin. If she approves, then you can add the person to the WhatsApp group.
4. In order not to deceive our sugar mummies in the WhatsApp group, you must use your real picture in the group. If you use a fake photo, you will be kicked out immediately.
5. Sugar mummies phone numbers found in the WhatsApp group should NEVER be shared with anyone outside the group. Use the number to contact the sugar mummy and get connected.

6. Share this post now on Facebook Group or Twitter.
I hope the points are clear. So if you meet the criteria and you are very sure you can abide by the rules, kindly join the group by entering your WhatsApp phone number in international format in the comment box below...


To request for her phone number, enter your ACTIVE email address below, click SUBMIT and check your inbox now!:

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