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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 14

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Playing Cupid (2)


“Good news dad, I contacted the…. Oops sorry.” Caro apologize walking out of the

bathroom immediately.

Mr and Mrs David separates immediately, Mrs David stares at every other thing in the bathroom but her husband. Mr David let’s out a series of akward coughs not staring at his wife either.

“Ahhhhhh Cockroach.” Mrs Diana yells on spotting a cockroach flying on the wall.

“Hey it’s okay, here, let’s get back to your room.” Mr David says and leads her out of the bathroom to her bedroom.

“So Cassy you were saying something back there in the bathroom.” Mr David says, as Mrs Diana goes over to the couch to sit down only to spot another cockroach next to it, she jumps in fright and walks over to her husband and stands next to him.

“Oh yeah, I called the pest control company, but the bad news is they won’t be coming until on Monday.” Caro announced and Mrs Diana gasp in surprise, “but I can’t stay in here for even a minute more of two days.” She exclaims looking around the room in disgust.

“Well you can move into one of the rooms here in the mansion.” Mr David suggest.

“Actually about that dad, all the rooms are in no good condition for mum to sleep in, this night, which leaves us to one question, where would mum sleep.” Caro asks innocently.

“Oh my God that’s true, I can’t sleep in a dusty room.” Mrs Diana utters.

“Well you could sleep in Ca…”

“No she can’t sleep in my room.” Caro protest not letting Mr David complete his sentence.

“But why can’t your mum sleep in your room, it’s only for tonight.” Mr David questions.

“Bescause I’m a young lady and I need my personal space, sorry mum but there’s no way I’m letting you sleep in my room, you just have to think of something else.”

“But where else could I spend the night.” Mrs Diana asked confused.

“You could sleep in dad’s room, I thought that was the both of you room before mum moved out.’

“I don’t know about that Cassy, maybe I’ll sleep in your brother’s room and then your mum could sleep in my room.”

“Yeah that’s better.” Mrs David concurs.

“No it’s not, Justin is a young man and I don’t think he will appreciate you moving into his room without even a single warning.” Caro says rolling her eyes at the both of them.

“But that’s the only option available right now, I’ll go talk to Justin.” Mr David says walking over to the room door.

“Dad, you can’t do that, you know what I don’t get why both you and mum can’t share one room for just one night.” Caro exclaims, staring at both of them in shock.

“Cassy me and your mum has a…”

“Save it dad I don’t want to hear it, the both of you once shared a room and you’re both doing that tonight, okay, I’m not letting you disturb my brother cause the both of you can’t behave like married couples and share a room for one night.” Caro breaths out once she was done with her sermon, Mr and Mrs David looks at her in shock not knowing what to say.

“So….” Caro drawls.

“I guess I could share the room with your mum, that’s if your mum is okay with it.” Mr David states staring at his wife.

“Of course she’s okay with it.” Caro says not letting Mrs Diana say a word.

“Okay I guess we should head to the room now, Cassy you can go to bed now.” Mr David says.

“Okay goodnight mum, goodnight Dad.” Caro says smiling and walks out of the room.

“So, shall we?.”


Mr and Mrs David walks into the master bedroom, they both stare at each other awkwardly not knowing what to say or do, it’s been very long since they both shared a room.

“Uhm do you want to use the bathroom first?.” Mr David asks.

“You can go first.” Mrs David replies.

“No you go first, I’ll wait.”

“No it’s your room so it’s only right for you to use it before me.” Mrs David argues.

“Ugh, for the love God parents, one of you should just use the bathroom first, do you know what mom you go first, after all they say ladies first.” Caro says walking into the room, Mr and Mrs David stares at her shocked.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed, Cassy.” Mrs David asks.

“Oops, oh you see I was passing by when I heard the whole words exchange and I decided to step in, don’t ask me where I went to, just go and have your bath mum, I’ll leave you guys to it, goodnight mum, goodnight Dad.” Caro says smiling a little before walking out of the room.

“Okay that’s weird.” Mrs David comments staring at the door.

“Yeah.” Mr David concurs.

Mrs David shrugs and walks into the bathroom to have her bath.


“So…, I guess I’ll sleep on the couch, so you can have the bed to yourself.” Mr David suggest.

“The bed is big enough for the both of us, David, we could use the pillows to divide the bed, so none of us would cross over to the other person’s side.” Mrs David says.

“I don’t know about that, maybe I should just sleep on the couch, besides it’s comfortable.”

“I don’t think couch are really that comfortable, common it’s okay if we both share the bed.” Mrs David counters.

“I don’t know..”

“Ugh for the love of God parents, why are the both of you acting like youths, you guys have been married for years and that’s why dad, you’re not going to sleep on that couch and there will be no pillow dividing, okay.” Caro yells striding into the room once more, she ignores the look on both husband and wife, and takes off the pillow Mrs David used in dividing the bed.

“Perfect, so mum you’ll lay down here and dad you’ll lay down over there, got it.” Caro says letting out a huge breath, who knew getting two married couples in one room could be a lot of work.

“Cassy why are you in my room, again.” Mr David asks.

“Ooh about that, you see I wanted to say goodnight to you and mum.” Caro replies casually.

“But you’ve said that twice now, Cassy are you trying to get me and your mum to sleep in one room.” Mr David asks suspiciously.

“Father, would I take a can full of cockroaches and then let it out in mum’s room all because I want her to sleep in your room, does that look like the kind of thing I’ll do.” Caro asks putting on a shock and innocent face.

“Well no but…”

“No but, the both of you should go to bed now, sweet dreams, goodnight mum, goodnight Dad.” Caro says happily and leaves the room.

“Well I guess I’ll be sleeping on the bed after all.” Mr David says and climbs the bed, Mrs David awkwardly climbs the bed also and they each turn their back, not facing each other. But late into the night, no one knows who changed their position first or how in the world they got to cuddle.

Cassy and Caro

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