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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 32 [Completed]

Cassy And Carol



“So those the prosecuting panel has anything to say.” The judge asks.

“No, my lord.” Cassy says standing up, and gives a slight bow.

“Okay, here’s my judgement, I find you, Mr Collins guilty of rape, I now sentenced you to 25 years imprisonment, that’s my judgement.” The judge says and hits the gravel, twice.


“How do you feel Miss Cassy David Williams, on not losing another case.” One of the reporters gathered in front of the court house.

“I feel great, thank you.” Cassy answers, smiling victoriously.

“Please get me out of here.” Cassy whispers to her bodyguards and they quickly got her into her car, with a lot of reporters throwing different questions at her.


“And here comes the biggest prosecutor in town.” Caro yells standing up from her seats as Cassy walks towards her and Justin at where they are currently sitting in the VIP area of the club.

“And here is the best actress in Hollywood, girl I miss you so much, how was Switzerland” Cassy utters and hugs Caro.

“Aww I miss you babe, and Switzerland was more than wonderful I enjoyed shooting the movie over there.” Caro answers and seats back next to Justin and so did Cassy.

“Hey brother, how’s the planning of the art show coming up.” Cassy asks pouring herself a glass of Martini.

“It’s going well Cassy, where’s Mike.” Justin asks looking around the VIP room.

“You know he went on a business trip with Dad, though he did tell me he would be back today and will also meet…. Oh talk about the devil.” Cassy says, as Mike

walks into the VIP area, there was no need to get his attention cause he already knows the table they would be sitting on.

“Hey boyfriend.” Cassy drawls standing up from her sit.

“Hey girlfriend.” Mike replies and circled his hands around Cassy waist, before giving her a big wet kiss on her lips.

“Uhm, Mike we are here, and I don’t think i and Justin wants to watch this.” Caro says, and the kissing couple separates immediately.

“You know babe we could kiss if you want.” Justin whispers huskily in Caro ears.

“Now that’s a great idea.” Caro says leaning in for a kiss, only for Cassy to throw her a purse at her.

“Ouch.” Caro yells out, rubbing the affected area.

“Well you spoilt my show and now I’m spoiling yours.” Cassy says simply, shrugging her shoulders and Caro chuckles rolling her eyes.

“You know guys, I think we should spend this year christmas with mama in Nigeria. What do you all think.” Mike says.

“That’s a great idea, I feel like I haven’t seen her, for like a whole year.” Caro let’s out.

“We saw her three months ago, when she visited, remember.” Cassy says.

“Yeah I remember, my earlier statement was an expression, okay. I was expressing how much I missed mama.” Caro explains frowning at Cassy.

“Yeah, whatever.” Cassy replies her nonchalantly.

“But, I don’t get why, mama wants to stay in Nigeria, mum and dad, had asked her a lot of time to stay with them at the family house here in America.” Justin says.

“Well, she said something about wanting to die in her homeland and also, since her kids has money which by the way means she’s also has money, she wants to use it for the good of the society, and talking about mum and dad, I heard those two couples are in Paris.” Caro says.

“Yeah, that’s true, father has literally handed all his business to Mike, and now all he does is take mum on a lot of vacations, sometimes Marcel and Marcella tags along.” Cassy says.

“Ah, I missed those two devil’s. You know looking back in time I’m happy I made that wish.” Caro states.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Oh sis, I’m more than happy you made that wish, if you didn’t, how would I have met this awesome woman right here.” Mike says and gives Cassy a peck on her cheek.

“Yeah, Mike is right, if the both of you didn’t make that wish, then I wouldn’t have met you either, Caro and my family would have remained that boring family it was, and also I wouldn’t have a brother like Mike.” Justin says.

“Aww, thanks bro, you’re also a brother to me.” Mike replies Justin.

“And Cassy here is the best sister, I could ever asks for.” Caro says, and sides hugs Cassy.

“I know right I’m the best, and you’re also the best Caro.” Cassy replies back.

“Well, it was all, one big crazy hell of a ride but even if I had a chance to go back in time, I would never change a thing, never.” Caro states.

“Yeah that’s true, we were two girls, from two different worlds, that made a wish and then exchange but after all that happened, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, I love you all and I’m more than happy that I made that freaking wish.” Cassy says wiping a tear from her eyes.

“Aww, we love you too, Cassy.”

The End
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