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Dare To Love – [Episode 1 – 27]

Dare To Love




Is it ever going to end

This suffering

This torture

AaaaSometim es I feel like if I jump from a ten storey, then that the end of my story

Atleast it will be for the best

Nothing,absolutely nothing is worth living for on this earth Violet and her gangs keep beating me nonstop

I feel like they derive some kind of pleasure in abusing me constantly like this ‘Violet,stop ,the principal is coming ‘ Bella said as she pulled violet away from me

‘Oh shit ,why now ….’she glared at me one more time and said ‘beat you later loser ‘

Immediately she picked up her bag and ran away with violet leaving me in the school courtyard with bruises and marks

This has been going on for years

Is it ever going to stop

Am a high school senior but a total social outcast

Am just eighteen years old and I still allow myself to get bullied by my peers must especially by violet

This has been going on ever since we were in 10th grade

But now that am in the 12th grade aren’t I suppose to free myself from this bullying

I stood on my feet and went to my little apartment I rented with my money

My step mother kicked me out of the house just yesterday

ThankGod am free from that b**ch cause she I’d way worst than violet I hate her

Ever heard of Cinderella stepmother

Yeah that just how my step mother is

Evil personified

Sometime I feel like Cinderella stepmother is way better than her

She had the nerve to kick me out of my dad house just because the poor man is gone

She and that crazy daughter of hers from her first husband

I hate them all

No ,not hate ,I despise them all

I just don’t like them

I sat down on the table and checked myself out in the mirror

Am a very pretty girl

Long brown hair

Black eyes

Small round and pink lips

Tall and slim just like a runway model

But if only my life was as perfect as my features

That would have been great

But no

Am a perfect example of beautiful but unlucky

But the beauty

The face

It all fading away now

It like I do not even know myself anymore

Where is that beautiful and lively 8 year old

She is gone

Now a full grown miserable and ugly 18 year old

My life crumbled since the day my mum died and my dad brought that woman and her daughter into our house

My dad died just recently and then my step mother kicked me out just yesterday

My dad ain’t a common man

He was a millionaire

Extremely rich and classy but he went bankrupt and died out of shock

The only property of my dad is his Ginormous mansion in New York and that Is where my step mum and her daughter is living

My stepmother is a very rich woman, she does not need my dad money to survive, neither does she need that mansion but still she kicked me out deliberately because she hates me for no specific reason at all

I looked at the knives on the floor

Let me end this all

Let me end this miserable life of mine


Absolutely no one is going to help me

Very soon the landlord will kick me out because I have no penny to pay him

Very soon I wont be able to go to the school because the fees are just too expensive

It a private school anyway

Very soon I won’t have anything else to eat so why let myself suffer

Am ending this miserable life once and for all

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