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Flora – Episode 10


Flora’s POV.


“I swear down, i’m now very good at Science and Biology”Peter said.

I smiled; “Congratulations.You can see that it’s not as difficult as you thought it was”I said.

“Yeah, i guess it’s the simplest high school subject”

“I disagree, Language is the simplest high school subject”I argued.

“You’re not wrong too” He said not wanting to argue.

“So did you study yourself? “I asked.

“Yes, i did. All my answers are right”

“Really? ”

“I swear down”

I gave him AN HIGH FIVE…

“You’re a very fast learner”I commented.

“Not as fast as you’re thinking”He said..

“But as fast as i can preceed now”I said and we laughed simultaneously. “You know what Flora,I owe you alot”

“Yeah, you own me a million of thanks”I said sarcastically.

“No, i owe you something worth more than a million of thanks,even more than a billion of thanks.. ”

“C’mon Peter, it’s my pleasure”

“I’m so grateful” He said.

“You’re most welcome” I said.

Now, Silence took place as we stared at each other.

“Just a minute”He took a permission to leave.

He left the dinning room then went to his room.

What is he up to? I wondered.

But to be candid, I’m so glad that i could help him academically.



Flora’s POV.

He returned quite soon with his wallat….

“I’m back” He announced.

Of course, i can see him here already..

I smiled.

He sat opposite me and brought out some sum of money.

“20bucks,here” I slid it on the table toward me.

“Why? ”

“Earlier, i said i owe you something that worth more than a million of thanks. I owe you money” He said.

Oh my!…..At first, i wanted him to pay if he wants me to tutor him..oh no,not

anymore. Besides, Money isn’t everything.

I slid the money back to him.

“I’m satisfied with a million of thanks”I said.

“But i’m not”He said.

“and i am”I argued.

“Flora, you’re my housemaid.You do the whole house chores and even cook my meal.. Yet, you tutor me willingly…..”

“My pleasure.Besides,you never talked about paying or awarding me from the Onset.. So you shouldn’t talk about that now”I insisted. “Tell me Flora..”

“I should tell you what? ”

“Why do you keep winning?”He asked.

“I don’t understand..What? ”

“This is almost the fifth time we’ll argue and you end up winning…. And i lose

Why? ”

“You give up easily” I told him.

“So that’s it? ”

“Yeah,During any sort of Argument, keep insisting or you lose” I said. “What if both Opponents keep insisting? and no one is ready to give up? ” “There’s definitely going to be a loser. Both can’t continue insisting till eternity,one will certainly get fed up”I expatiated.

He just sat there smiling while i explained.

“I learnt something New today”He said as he stood up from his seat and came towards me.

“..and what’s that? ”

“Never Give Up”He said now standing right in front of me.

But, why did he leave his seat?

C’mon..that’s not New… ”

He interrupted.

“It is. Flora,you’re excellent!” He said and hugged me tightly before i could say







Monica’s POV.

“So.. what do you wanna tell me? “I finally asked after giving several guesses in my little mind.

I asked almost immediately we got to the restaurant.I swear,my mind hasn’t been at rest ever since i received a call from Peter… He pleaded with me to meet him at a nearby restaurant…He said there’s something he wanted to tell me… OR?

Does he likes me now?


Does he want to apologize for pretending as if he has no feelings for me?


Does he want to propose to me now?

Oh My God!

I was blushing heavily already.

“Has your Mom returned already? ” He asked.

What’s the heck? So he called me only to ask if Mom has travelled back to Europe?



“Oh..yeah, she left yesterday” I answered.

He only nodded and sipped his bottle-drink.

“Is that what you wanna ask? ” I managed to ask.

“Not really”He responded.

I sighed; “Then….? ”

He interrupted.

“You aren’t even eating..”He said.

“I am”I quickly put a spoon-full into my mouth..if that would make him tell me…

“Tell me” I pleaded.

He finished his drink,dropped d bottle on d table and began to stare at me.

Awwwn, i love those eyes.. that look to be precised…

“Monica”He resumed.

“Yes dear, I’m all ears”I said.

He cleared his throat…

Oh my, I was too anxious already…Tell me, tell me..

“He loves her but she does’nt really love him”He said.

Ok,I don’t get. I don’t understand him right now.

Wait,he loves me but he’s not sure if i love him in return?

“What should he do? ” He asked.

Who is the HE? HIM? and Who is the SHE? ME?

“Peter, with my very little understanding, if he really loves her, he shouldn’t pretend.. he should let her could he be sure that she doesn’t love him in return.. “I finally responded trying to relate the present situation.. “He’s not pretending besides, she loves another guy”Peter said.

Now, i don’t understand what he really meant.

“You know what Peter, I don’t understand.Can you please stop using pronouns now? I can be of help if you want me to… ” “Alright..”He paused.

“Now Go on, be calm and direct”I said. “Vincent is in love with you”He finally said. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh

An anxious mood left and an heartbroken took over.

“Peter, can we talk about something else? ”

“Not yet ”

“For Goodness sake peter” I pleaded but he continued.

“He has this one-sided feeling for you since we were in secondary school”He said.

“Let’s talk about fashion…Jennifer is…. ”

He kept on interrupting me.

“Monica, you’re hurting him.That’s so unfair.. ”

“You’re hurting me too and it’s fair enough,you’re hurting my feelings and i’m

hurting his’”

He was mute.

“I’m leaving now” I stood up.

“Fine, let’s talk about something else” He said.

“Better” I sat down back.

“Examination is already at the corner, How is your preparation ?”

“Very well.. Quite Okay” I responded smiling then i suddenly frowned;”And you?.. your housemaid…is she still coaching you? ” “Yeah and she tutors me very well”

“She’s your housemaid for crying out loud”

“It doesn’t matter”

“It does…”

“You’re wrong. Listen Monica… ”

I cut in sharply.

“I’m not comfortable with the fact that she lives you”I paused; ” All alone.. ” I added.

He burrowed his eyes into mine.

“I really have to go home now, i have something very important to attend to”I said taking away my bag from the table.. Then i stood up and left. .


Author:Wunmi Ijaola

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