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Flora – Episode 12


Peter’s POV.

I was surprised that the door wasn’t even locked.

Why did Flora not lock it?

‘Cos she doesn’t want to see me or….?

I entered the living room feeling too tired.. i was just about to yell Flora’s name….

“Son”Momma cut in.

She was actually with a visitor or perhaps her friend that i don’t know and i haven’t seen her with before.

“Momma,Today’s Thursday besides, you left on monday” I said.

“I thought you love surprises” Mom said.

“But mom.. ”

“Anyways,I’m leaving very early tomorrow. I came to put somethings in proper place” She said.

I nodded as if i understood what she just said…,as far as she’s leaving tomorrow,then it’s fine. Now, who is this stranger?

“Meet Miss Florence” Mom introduced like she just read my mind.

“Good day” I smiled forcefully.

“Whao, you’re such a matured boy.Is he the celebrant? ” She asked. Celebrant?

“Yeah,my one and only son”Mom said.

“Happy birthday in advance Cutie”Miss Florence said.

“Th.. thanks” I stammered.

I’ve absolutely forgotten that my birthday is at the corner….I’m quite sure Monica

has forgotten too.

“She decorates parties and contribute to making parties elaborate”Mom briefly explained.

“Mom, My birthday is just in two weeks time” I said.

“Of course I know” She said.

“The preparation is too early” I cut in.

“You’re wrong”Miss Florence said.

I was mute for a while….”That’s why you returned home? ”

“Only part of the reasons”Momma replied;”

I said nothing only to nod gently then i was about to leave….

“Like i said, i’m leaving tomorrow and i’ll return two days to your birthday with

your Dad”


“Remind your girlfriend first, i’m sure she has forgotten..” Mom said, she was actually referring to Monica.

“I can print the invitation cards too” Miss Florence said.

“Whao Florence ,you’re so talented ” momma said.

Ok, i really need to leave the living room now!

“I need to shower now mom, I kinda stink” I finally left before Mom could even approve my permission.




Monica ‘s POV.

Paying my boyfriend a visit is not something wrong afterall i do visit him even when he wasn’t my boyfriend.

“Oh My! Monica you’ve grown so well and you’ve become so beautiful” Mrs Benson said.

“Thanks ma’am,is Peter in? ” I asked.

“Sure, your boyfriend…is in his room, i guess he’s expecting you too”Peter’s mom said.

“Really? ” I smiled.

“Just a minute” Peter’s Mom said.

“Ma’am? ”

“He’s really your boyfriend? ”

“Uhm..yeah” I replied kinda stammering and kinda shy.

“Since when now? ”

Ok, why is his mom asking?

“Just yesterday ” I replied.

“Wonderful, he kept his promise” She exclaimed.

I smiled although i don’t understand. HIS PROMISE?

“You can go see him now darling” She permitted.

I muttered a thank you and walked kinda sluggishly but carefully to his room.



“Flora?”He asked.

“Uhm, no Monica” I corrected.

After a moment of silence,he told me to come in.

“How are you doing? ”

“Of course, i’m cool and so excited. And you? ”

“Monica, yesterday i…. ”

“Oh, i understand” I smiled.

Understand what?

“Monica, can’t we just be friends? ”

“There you go again” She scorned;”I’m not listening,Can we please discuss something else.. Oh yeah, what about your housemaid? Tell her to serve us something refreshing ” I said.

“I’m Okay, You can order” He replied now concentrating on his laptop.

Whatever! As far as he’s mine already.

“I’m satisfied too.. ” I smiled.

“Suit yourself” He said.

Sincerely,i don’t like this attitude.Do i really have to discomfort myself so as to comfort him? That’s impossible!

Awwwn, his Mom likes me very much….Therefore,I’m gonna win.

He cleared his throat all of a sudden.

“You wanna say something? ” I asked.

“My birthday..”He resumed but i interrupted immediately.

“Oh my God, i forgot.. Just in two weeks time”

He didn’t say anything.

“It’s gonna be elaborate? Oh sure, it will.My bad, i haven’t gotten you a gift yet…” “Acting like my girlfriend now? ” He asked. “Of course, i’m your girlfriend ”

He scorned.

“So what do you like most? What shall i get you? ”

He only stared at me.

“Earphone? ” I asked.

Instead, he returned his gaze to his laptop. …,typing/doing something i can’t see from where i sat.

“Or even a laptop?” I asked and then he smirked.



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