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Flora – Episode 2




Peter’s POV.

“Hey Francis”I called simultaneously waving.

“So you finally came today”Francis said having an handshake with me.

“I never said i wouldn’t “I said.

“But you hesitated”He argued.

“Anyways I’m here now and that’s what matter. What about Vincent? “I asked ‘cos we three and we were supposed to run some miles.

“There”He pointed at a distance away which i traced with just my eyes.

“Monica also came”He added.

” What’s she doing here? “I asked.

Just then Vincent and Monica started walking towards us.

“She said she wanted to be with you”He told me.

“Is she dumb or something?”

They finally came closer.

“Peter”Monica said hugging me while i stood still.

“You aren’t supposed to come too”I said withdrawing my body away from hers.

“Why not? “She asked gazing at me.

“Can you even run a mile? “I asked.

“And if i fall, you will raise me up,when i’m tired you will put me on your shoulder.Won’t you? “She said smiling.

What’s she saying?

“Whao! That was cool”Vincent said then hit me playfully.

“Monica, you should go.I’ll come see you tomorrow”I said.

“No”She insisted.

“Go”I said kinda harsh

“C’mon peter, she wants to be with you.Francis said.

“Peter is it wrong to love you just too much? “Monica muttered as if she was going to cry. I don’t really care even if she will.

I didn’t say anything else rather than to stare at her for some moment.

“Peter”Vincent broke the silence.

“Let’s resume”I said and finally stopped gazing at the uncomfortable figure.


I arrived home quite late that evening.

I didn’t enjoy the race,Monica ruined it.

I staggered into the living room immediately Flora opened the door then i laid on a chair.

“I didn’t know when you left”Flora complained.

“I’m sorry about that”I muttered even when i’m not supposed to apologize.

“You missed lunch too”She said.

“Get me dinner”I said.

“Besides, where did you go? “She asked like she were my mom.

“Flora, my legs aches. Just get me something to eat then i’ll go sleep”I ordered.

“I have pain reliever”She said instead then exit. She returned after some minutes.

I laid still watching her drama. She rubbed something i couldn’t see clearly on my leg.

I moaned.

“Flora”I screamed and took her hand off my legs “What? ”

“Just get me food and I’ll be alright “I said.

“Hmmn, Ok”She giggled and left with her pain reliever or whatever she called it.




Flora POV

I just finished dusting the chairs and cleaning the centre table.

…I began to mob the floor.

A song can be an accompany

Then i started singing a song which has to do with what i was presently doing.

i’ll try my best to make things right i’ll do nothing rather than to continue

but to make things right…

“Flora”He called.

“Oh, Peter,you’re awake?” i asked even after seeing him right in front of me. I must be very stupid for asking such question.

“I overslept..jeez”He said glaring at the wall clock.

7:43am it says.

“I already cooked breakfast”

“Very Good. I have to go somewhere though.. But i’ll eat as soon as i have my bathe”Peter said then he took his leave.

“Awwwwwn. Where does he want to go?


Not too long,someone knocked on the door. I hurriedly went to get it only to see a young lady.

She’s beautiful though.

“Who are you? ” I asked not letting her in.

“Oh my! I should be the one to ask you that question instead”The lady replied .

“I’m sorry.I won’t let you in untill i know who you are and why you are here”I said as if i own the house.

“Like seriously?”

I nodded.

“You’re funny.I am here to see Peter”She said.

“Who’s that? “Peter overheard and came over.

“Some girl”I replied.

“I’m not a girl but maybe you are”She said and forcefully came in.

“Monica” Peter said.

“Yes darling”Monica

hugged him.

Oh, his girlfriend.They are not even compatible.

I scorned. The lady is weird.

She scorned back at me before I went away.


Peter’s POV

“I just thought we should go and register together “Monica said.

“You go all alone.I can go later”I replied.

“No” she insisted

“Why not? ” i asked.

“No reason”

“Fine! I was just about to leave. So you won,we’re going together”I agreed.

“Marvellous” She clapped.

“Just a minute” I took a brief excuse.

“Peter”She called back.

“Yes? “I replied


Monica’s POV.

“Peter”I called him as he was about to go back to his room perhaps to take his bag.

“Yes? “He replied.

I stared at his lips then asked:

“Who was that lady i saw the other time? ”

“You mean Flora? ” Peter asked

“What ever” I said.

“Hmmn? ”

“I’m talking about that young girl that didn’t let me in”

“Her name is Flora”He answered.

“And? ” I asked expecting him to say more than her name.

“And? ” He repeated.”What? ”

“Why is she here? ” I asked anxiously.

“Flora”He called and she rushed in a jiffy. “Meet Monica,she’s my friend”He introduced.


Flora’s POV

Haven eavesdropped,peter called me,i responded quite quickly..Hoping they didn’t suspect that i was listening to their conversation but I don’t think they did..

“I’m Flora Daves”I introduced myself releasing my hand for an handshake.

Monica looked down at it and then faced Peter. I just slowly took away my hand feeling kinda embarrassed.

“Why is she here? “She asked Peter.

“She’s the housemaid”He said;”My housemaid”He added.

Unexpectedly, Monica started laughing hysterically.

I wonder what was funny.

“Hey Monica”Peter cut in with a warning look and she stopped laughing.

Wait, is she insane?

“So you are just an housemaid?”Monica said.

“So? “I fired back but she scorned at me again.

“Whatever!” I said but not loudly.

“I’ll just go get my bag”Peter excused himself.

I used this little moment to scorn back at Monica before leaving the living room.


Monica ‘s POV

She’s a bastard.

She’s not going to stay here.

I’ll make her leave,i’ll surely do.

I tried to comfort myself untill Peter returned.

Then we both left the house while peter shouted behind “Flora, i’ll be back soon”

Must he?




Peter’s POV



We got to White Bridge Registration Centre within just two hours.

The place wasn’t a bridge neither was it painted in white.I then began to wonder why it was named White bridge.

There was a long queue yet most people were perambulating around the periphery.

We decided not to join the queue too,we rather went to sit somewhere so cool.

“Seems like the sun is very angry with someone today”I said staring at the scorching sun above. “Or maybe we should just return home now and come back early tomorrow morning”I suggested taking away my gaze from the sun but to the queue.

I was actually expecting a response from her but there wasn’t.

“It doesn’t seems like we are going to register today”I kept on talking.

Wait, isn’t she gonna say anything?

Why is she so quite since we got here? “I wondered.

“Monica? “i called avoiding to glare at her.

“Monica? “I called again but this time i turned to her and suddenly her head fell on my shoulder.

Really?..She’s sleeping?

But we just sat here not too long and she’s sleeping. Jeez!

I stared at her sleeping face.

She’s beautiful though, i commented staring at her lips to her little nose and then her tightly closed eyes.I smiled while i remembered how close we’ve been.

Monica and I have been close friends right from secondary school.Our parents’ were very close as well.Unfortunately,she just fell for me and i had nothing for her rather than friendship or probably best friendship. So unfortunate that she wouldn’t let go of me.

She raised her head of my shoulder.

“What are thinking about? She asked.

“You weren’t sleeping?” i asked too.

“I wasn’t.I just wanted know how it feels like on your shoulder”She responded smiling.

“Darn it”I slightly pushed her away from me.

“If i ask for the permission to lay my head on your shoulder,Would you let me? ”

“I surely wouldn’t”

“That’s why i stole it”She replied.

I gave her a please-just-leave-me look then stood up to leave but she held my hand.






Peter’s POV

“Are you leaving?”She asked following me.

“No, i want to join the queue.see,it’s scanty already”I replied now walking towards the scanty queue.

“Ohh, yeah”She replied.

I joined the male queue, she joined the females’.

Just so soon, it was my turn to be attended to. We were to enter in twos’.. So I and Monica entered.

“There”A big man directed her to a woman opposite him while he attended to me.

“Good day sir’”I greeted.

“Sit”He gestured.

I sat quietly.

“Your name? “He asked now placing his gaze at the computer right in front of him.

“Peter Benson”i replied..

I answered all other questions he asked correctly b’cos it was concerning myself.



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