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Flora – Episode 3


“It wasn’t stressful though”I heard Monica’s voice behind me, she was through too.


“Yeah,it wasn’t.I didn’t know when you came out” I said.

“Just some minutes before you did”She replied.

“So we are leaving now?”

“Yeah, I’m coming to your place”

“Monica, i want to study”I fired at her.


“I really want to study, you know the examination we just registered for will commence in some months time”

“We can study together. Can’t we? “Monica insisted.


“Okay fine! I won’t come”She finally gave up.

I didn’t say anything but she did “Heir’s Medical Institution right? ” she asked.

“Yeah” i replied.

“I chose that too”She replied smiling.

“Why? “I asked frowning.

She chose same college with me ‘cos she wanna be with me..forever? “What? ”

“You chose HMI because i did right?”

“No”She denied.

I stopped and stared at her.

“Fine yes. Your mom actually told me you picked it”She confessed.


She nodded slowly.

“But it’s my choice and not yours”I said still staring at her.

“And it’s my choice to be with you”She spoke softly.

“You know what Monica? Let’s just go differently now. Take a cab from here and i’ll do the same since i didn’t come with a car”I said and immediately stopped a cab.

“Pls wait Peter”she pleaded but i ignored while i boarded the cab.


Flora’s POV

“He is not a student.I overheard Monica talking about some sort of Registration.But what Registration?”I asked myself.

Or could it be the Registration into College?

“I’m right. The registration just begun”I concluded heading into my room to take a Nap.

Before i could take few more steps,Someone knocked on the then he called my name.I immediately recognized the voice to be Peter’s.

“You’re welcome”I opened the door and wanting to collect his bag from him.

“Nevermind.Thanks”He said.

“Should i bring your lunch?”I asked.

“Let me have a shower first”He replied and left for his room.

I rushed to the kitchen to put his meal in the microwave.

I wasn’t expecting him to return right now. I was actually thinking he would skip his lunch or must have eaten somewhere maybe at a restaurant or at Monica’s place. Whatever. I sighed then concentrated on the food that was heating.

“Should i bring your food to your room or.. ..?”I yelled.

“I’ll eat on the dinning table”He yelled back.

I hurriedly dished his meal, placed it in a small try, gathered the cutleries although i knew he won’t use all then took the tray gently towards the dinning table and yelled again not knowing he was already behind me. “Drinks? ”

“Pineapple Juice”He replied.

“I’m sorry”I apologised for yelling when he was just nearby.

I hurried went to bring the jug of pineapple juice from the fridge.It was too cold almost freezing.I filled a glass cup right in front of him.Kudos to me, not even a little dropped on the table.I dropped the Jug in case he wanted to take more..

Then i sat down on a chair opposite him when i’m not supposed or told to.I’m foolish.

“How was the registration? “I asked then regretted doing so.

“It was quite fine.It went well”He replied and began to eat.

“I overheard Monica talking about it”I confessed before he would ask me how i got to know that he went for some sort of registration.

“It’s entrance into Higher institution”He explained.

“Much as i thought”I replied nodding my head.

“The registration will end next month and the examination will commence a week after the registration ends”

“I wish to register too”I said solemnly.

“You are done with secondary school? “He asked.

“Yeah”I replied.

“And… ?”

“I’ll take it next year”I said feeling depressed.

I fought my tears back then stood up to leave.

“Flora? “He called.

“Hmmn? “I answered.

“Are you alright?”He asked.Obviously,i was not.

“Yeah”I lied and I know he didn’t believe that. He stared at me.I tried to look Okay.

“Eat your meal, it’s getting cold”I persuaded but unfortunately it didn’t make him take away his gaze from me.

“I’ll just go wash the dishes”I said then quickly went beyond his sight.





I washed the dirty dishes absent-mindedly.Thank God i didn’t break any plate nor cup.

I staggered towards my room passing through the dinning room.Peter was done with his meal..I took away the tray and the dishes it contained. Then I returned back to my room and gave a very good cry.

“I shouldn’t be here”I fought with myself.

My education is being delayed,Am I even sure I’ll be an undergraduate?. I had always wanted to be in an higher institution and become a valuable person in future.My ever yearning dream won’t come true?

I began to sob more.

I’m very intelligent

I’m so good at academic works.

Back then in secondary school,when students can’t call on a teacher for assistant,they rather call on me..

So after all,my knowledge is going to wasted?

I sob more and more and more..

“Flora?” He called.

I hurried wiped my tears with the cloth I was putting on.

“Peter” I muttered.

“Why are you crying?” He asked.

“Not at all.I’m not crying” I denied.

“Your eyes are damn red and teary”

“Are they?”

“What’s wrong Flora?”

“I’m fine.Is just that I…that I..I..I…I’m Okay Peter” I stammered.

Don’t know what to lie about?

“Tell me” He insisted.

“I’m Okay” I kept on denying.

“I’ll go with that although I don’t believe that” He said.

I muttered nothing.

“Earlier, you said you were done with secondary school.?” He asked wanting to ask me about something I think.

“Yeah?” I replied.

Wait,he shouldn’t even go there. Or does he want to ask why I’m working here as a maid instead of furthering my education.

“I’m a science student, I want to be a medical doctor” He said as if I asked.

“I’m a science student too” I told him.

He should just go straight to thepoint.

What exactly does he want to say?

“Uhm good,nice” He said.

“Yeah…” He just said.

It’s obvious he wanted to say something.

“What’s it?”I asked.

“Never mind” He said

“I will handle it myself”He added and left my room.

I felt kinda relieved. I didn’t expect him to ask about my private life,Well he

didn’t.But what does he want to say?




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