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Flora – Episode 4




Peter’s POV

I stared at the Laptop..

I was trying to read some texts about Medicals and everything it involves but i find it so hard to get it.

Do i have to change my choice of course? I thought.

Jeez,it’s already too late. I already registered to study Medicine..and besides, It’s my dream course.I shouldn’t just give up.

Everything has to do with determination Yes! determination but why is it so difficult to understand? …

I glared at my clock on my wrist.It’s pass 12 already.. Jeez, i’ve been reading this for close to 3 hours now yet i don’t get, i don’t understand.I sighed.


Should i go meet her?

Afterall,she’s done with secondary school and we’re both in the same department,who knows he might understand it even better..

Oh no, no and NOOO..

She’s my housemaid for crying out loud.

I closed my eyes tightly with both palms covering it.

Then my phone rang…It was a text message.

I took my hands off my face and opened my eyes.

I took my phone and read the message which was actually from Monica.

Thus it reads;

“Let’s have lunch together today at Chinney’s Restaurant.It’s not too far from your

house you know? besides, i have something to discuss with you and don’t just

worry, I’ll foot the bill.

Yours forever ”

Like she needed to write that; “Yours forever”

When would she just let go off me for Goodness sake.

I sighed then closed my laptop and gently dropped it on my bed.

I walked to my wardrobe to change my dress not because i wanted to look so good to her but because i was wearing a pyjamas. ****

“I’m very glad you didn’t turn my request down”She said as soon as the waiter served our order and left.

“Maybe I should have just turned it down”I replied back and began to sip the glass of juice i was served.

She smiled “Are you still angry with me? ”

“At all,so what do you have to discuss with me? “I asked like i was in hurry to return home.

“Err…. It’s nothing”She said.

“Nothing?”I repeated.

“Err…it’s about our preparation for the oncoming examination,how is it? “She asked.

“Fine i should just say”I said.

“That’s good to hear..Unlike me, i am actually have problems with the most biological aspect..”She said.

“I won’t lie to you,same with me.At times, i think of giving up”I told her..

“No peter, don’t ever try to give up” She said,i could see a concerned look on her face.

“I’m not coping, i’m not getting it,I don’t understand”I added.

“You know Peter, Practice makes perfect.I decided to keep on practicing it until i get it right.Please try to do the same…Have it in mind that you can do it no matter how tough it is and besides,I remember you told me that studying Medicine is your dream course,don’t let it pass by,please Peter” She pleaded like she own my life or like we share the same life or like….I can’t even explain. She’s so so concerned about me.

I smiled; “Thanks for the encouragement”

“Anytime Peter..”She said wanting to say something else but she didn’t.

I smiled then hurriedly ate my snacks since the drink was finished.

I stared at hers’… she hasn’t even eaten her snacks neither did she drink her juice.

“Peter”she called slowly.

i looked at her.

“Anything wrong? “I asked.

“Not really, i was just thinking about your housemaid”She replied.

“What about her? Has she done you wrong? ” I asked wondering what she wanted to say about Flora.

“Not at all. I… “She paused and stared at me.

“What? “I asked.

“You aren’t too close with her right? “She asked.

“Not really.She’s just a maid to me”I replied as i watched her sighed gladly.

“Ok”She said smiling.

“What do you wanna say about her?”I asked ‘cos i actually don’t understand what she is trying to say.

“Nothing more. Just that question”She said smiling.

“Really? “I asked.

She nodded excitedly in affirmation then joyfully ate her hamburger.




Flora’s POV.

I was done with all the house chores except for Peter’s Dinner.

He actually order me not to prepare it.

He said he was going to have lunch at a restaurant and would be satisfied to avoid dinner.

I hope he is not avoiding me instead ‘cos of yesterday’s incident. Oh!

I tried to concentrate on the novel i was reading, i actually love reading novels although it has nothing to do with my career. But it’s actually fun and interesting and a boredom-killer.

There came the knock.

“I’m coming”I said without asking of who it was.

I opened the door and was shocked to see no one.

“Who just knocked? “I yelled but there was no reply.

Or maybe it was just my suspicions but i wasn’t thinking of someone knocking on the door.

Well, well and well, there is no one.

I slammed and locked the door and went back to continue reading the novel.

The knocked came again and this time, i was terrified.

“Who is that? “I asked.

No response.

I hurriedly opened the door and I also came out of the mansion to check if anyone was hiding but yet i sighted no one.

This is getting realy more scary.

I kept on wondering who was knocking or could it be a ghost. No i don’t believe in ghost! I nodded the thought off my mind… But who could it be?

Then i stayed at the window side to see who was carrying out this scary drama.

I saw him, yes he is the one.

Peter. He tiptopped gently to the door and knocked thri… ce….I opened the door

before he could complete the third knock.

“Jeeez, You almost gave me an heart attack”Peter said holding his chest-cloth tightly as he heaved loudly.

“Aren’t you the one giving me an heart attack?”I questioned back.

“Was i? ”

“Yeah, you were”

“How? “He pretended not to understand.

“Are you actually asking me? ”

“Of course”

“Why would you knock on the door and then hide? “I asked.

“I didn’t do that”

“Huh? ”

“Yeah, i just came now to knock on the door but you opened the door before I could knock”He lied.

“Re-really? “I asked almost believing what he just said.

“Yeah,did someone come to knock then hid? “He asked still pretending.


“Who then? ”

“Peter, you were the one”I said firmly sweeping away the lie he told earlier.

“Huh? Me? “He said with some sort of surprised and denying look.

“Yes, you”I said.

“Noo”He denied.

“Yes”I argued.

“I’m not the one”He said.

“You are the one”I fired back.

“Will you just prove why you’re suspecting me?”

“Sure, i will. One, i saw you tiptopping through the window,two,you were so frightened when i opened the door”I explained.

He was dumbfounded.

“You are the one”I said it again.

“Ok, fine! You caught me”He said smiling.

“Why did you do that? “I asked as if i’m supposed to.

“What?”He played deaf.

It was such an awkward question.I shouldn’t ask him again.

“Oh, nothing”I replied.He didn’t say anything rather than to just nod.

He’s acting quite awkward or should i just say funny?

I’m his housemaid but he doesn’t seem to act like a master or to be unfriend, proud and exhibit some sort of behaviours others would exhibit.

He’s completely different from most masters. He didn’t even complain that i called him by his name while some will want prefixes like master,boss or sir.

Awwwn, He’s simple!




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