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Flora – Episode 5


Peter’s POV


There’s nothing bad to give it a trial and even if it’s gonna hurt me, it won’t hurt so much.

C’mon it’s not like i’m not a brilliant one, Of course, i am but specifically on calculations.

Unfortunately for me,on this case,Medical and Biological stuff does not have anything to do with calculations that’s the main reason why i can’t just understand it.

I sighed

But since she said she was a science student back then in secondary school then perhaps she should be so good at this biological stuff.

Should i go and ask her for help?

But what if she rebuke me?

Yeah, she should.She’s just my housemaid,just a maid.

I sighed again already fed up.

I will just give a trial and if she won’t…maybe i’ll just find a private teacher. I concluded.

“Flora”I called from my room.

“Just a minute pls”She replied from somewhere,probably the living room or her room.

I sat on my bed and close the laptop while i was expecting her to knock or just come in…but she didn’t knock nor entered instead she stayed behind the door.

“Here i am”She announced.

“Come in”I permitted and she did immediately.

Huh.. huh.. Her face was kinda dizzy.

“Are you busy or are you up to something?”I asked .

“Yeah, i wanna have a nap”She said.

That was too obvious.

“pls spare me some minute”I demanded staring at her.

“Go on”She said leaning on my reading table.

“I… i.. no..,errr… Are you good academically…too? “I resumed at first.

“Yeah, i’m very good in all academical aspect except Arts and business”She responded.

She wasn’t even a proud type.

“You are? ”

“I am”

“That’s very excellent “I said still wondering how i will make my request.

“Thanks”She said. I’m sure she’s also wondering why i just suddenly asked.

“And nice too..”I added.

She didn’t say anything this time….and i was mute too.

“Can i take my leave now? “She asked as she stopped leaning on my desk.

“Yeah, sure”I said scratching an unitching head.

“Alright,i’ll just go take a nap now”She said about to leave.

“Wait flora”I stopped her as she turned the knob.

“What? “She asked.

“Flora, i really need your help”I confessed.

“With what?”

“With science and biology”I told her finally.

I noted her reactions by staring at her all along…she was mute.

“Please”I added.

“Ok”She finally said…and i’m quite sure she said that reluctantly.

“Re… eally? “I stammered.

“Yeah”She responded.

I was so glad,please if there’s another word you could use in place of Glad, just use it instead.

It doesn’t make a sense if i hug her…i would have just..

“I’m so grateful “.

“You’re welcome ”

“Ok, you can go and have a nap, we’ll begin tomorrow”

“Alright”She said and left.

She responded sheepish though.

Yes! I jumped on my bed and started bouncing excitedly on it.

…I should have just chose a tutorial but i hate tutorials.




Monica’s POV.

So afterall, we’ll end up being in the same institution.

Oh My God, i can’t just wait.. Peter is gonna fall for me when he gets to see me everyday.

Oh my….

My phone beeped.

“Hello”I said.


“Yes Vincent,What’s up? ”

“I’m good and you? ”

“Same of course”

“That’s very nice to hear”

“Yeah, so why did you call?

Did Peter ask you to tell me something?”I asked eagerly expecting a positive answer.

“Oh no dear”


“Can we just walk around… ”

“We should walk around? ”


“I don’t think that’s gonna be possible”

“Why not? “He asked.

“Listen Vincent,I’ve got an examination to write and i must pass..”I said.

C’mon,Why should he wanna walk around with me? Not so good for me…

“Oh yeah, i understand”

“Can i just hung the call now? ” I asked. “Please don’t.. Not now”He kinda pleaded. “What else? ” I asked feeling very uncomfortable. “Err.. r.. Peter is coming too” “Are you serious?”


“Ok, i’ll be on my way now”

“Really? ”

“Yeah, where shall i meet you guys?”

“At the end of your Avenue”

“Alright,give me few minutes”

She hung the call.





Vincent’s POV.

But do i really have to lie?

She’ll be very furious with me when she comes and find out that i didn’t come with Peter.


If only Monica can just let go of Peter from her heart and let me in..¿

She’s so engrossed with going after Peter. She doesn’t even realize that I like her..

Indeed, One sided love hurt,it hurt alot.


Oh there she comes.., I adjusted my dress and then put on my charming smile revealing my sweet dimples.

“Hi Monica”I said walking towards her.

“What About Peter? “She asked while glaring around.

“Errm.. Monica..I just want.. ”

“He left? “She asked.

“No Monica,he didn’t…”

Oh she kept on interrupting. Wouldn’t she just hear me out first?

“Then where is he?

I can’t find him around.”She said not even minding how i dressed so good.

I rather kept mute.

“Or….” She paused.

“Or? “I asked.

“Is he hiding? “She asked.

“For Christ sake,Monica will you just listen to me first?”I asked somewhat fustrated.

“What?”She stared at me.

“Foremost, Peter didn’t come with me, i came alone. He is not even aware that i’m meeting with you today”

“Why? “She asked.

I really don’t understand what she meant by WHY? “I’ve got something to discuss with you”I said. “And i’ve got to be studying at home”She fired back. “Ohh, yeah…that’s right”I kinda stammer. “So bye”

“Wait”I hurriedly stood at the front of her obstructing her way.

“Ok just spare me a little bit of your time”

“I’m all ears”She said staring at me.

Jeez, i don’t like that look but i stared at her in return.

“You are not saying anything? “She said.


“What? ”

“I like you”I confessed.

Disappointedly but she laughed like i just told a joke or performed a comedy.

“C’mon Monica, it’s not funny”

“Good for you”she said pushing me aside and walking away.

I called her but she didn’t look back not to mention of answering me.

So unfair.


Monica’s POV.

I got home feeling kinda unusual.

Jeez, he spoilt my day!.

I rested a chair, pulled off my jacket and heels. Oh my,i really had dressed so

attractive hoping to have met Peter.

Lucky Vincent..but why him?

Is he crazy or something?

How could he have feelings for me when he knows i like peter.

He even has the courage to tell me he likes me.

He’s very stupid!





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