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Flora – Episode 6


Flora’s POV.


I intentionally fell on my bed and tossed on it.


I accepted to lecture him?

Did i?

Oh my God, i did.

I hit myself on the head.

I’m very stupid.He is not even gonna pay for it and i agreed without demanding for money.

But why did i?

Is it because….Oh no, no and no. He has Monica already.

Anyway, i don’t think i’m losing anything.tutorimg him is as well teaching myself.

Oh, i really cannot wait to lecture him… It might be fun though!



Vincent’s POV.

It’s not fair.

She even walked away…. And she laughed at me too.

She really look so beautiful,i can’t believe she dressed so kinky for me?…No, for Peter.

I frowned.

I’m not bad afterall, i’m just as handsome as Peter or even more.Why is she so blind to notice that?

I think this is getting complicated.

I like her, she likes peter.

Perhaps, i should tell Peter about this, he might be of help.



Peter’s POV.

Looks like, i’ll be very less idle henceforth.

No outing, no hanging out with friends..I’m really gonna miss all of that.. besides, it’s for my success.

But i won’t let go of today without having a taste of fun.

I picked up my cell phone, search through my contact then found Francis’number.

I dailed it.

“Hello dude, what’s up with you? “I asked as soon as he picked my call.

“Not so good”

“Anything wrong? ”

“I’m tired, i just returned from the registration centre”

“I’m sure it was so stressful”

“Yeah it was”

“You won’t run today?”I still asked.

“I’m tired already Peter”

“Quite bad, i’ll go with Vincent”I said ending the call.

Then i was about to dail Vincent’s number when his call came in.

I picked it.


“Speak of the devil,i was just about to call you”I told him.

“Really? ”

“Yeah, shall we race today? “I asked.

“Sure”he responded kinda sheepishly.

“Is that why you called me as well? “I asked.

“Not really ”

“Why? Besides, you voice sound like you’re worried over something”I noticed.

“I’ve got something to tell you but since we’re meeting soon.. Till then”He said.

“I think i have something to tell you too”I said.

“What’s that? “He asked.

“Till then”I mimicked.

I could hear him laugh.

“Alright, bye”He said and hung the call before i could.


Peter’s POV.

“So what do you wanna tell me? “I asked while putting on my shoes.

“I think i’m in love with someone”He said.

I stared at him and smiled:”With me right? ”


“Since you’re telling me well, do i know her? “I asked.

“Yeah, Monica”

“Monica? ”

“Yeah, you don’t have feelings for her right?”

“I do not and of course, you know we are just close friends…”I told him.

“..and you as well know that Monica loves you” He argued.

“She knows i have no feelings for her”I told him.

“but she wouldn’t let go of you”He said.

I could see the sign of depression in him.

“Listen Vincent,let her know that you love her and i’m sure she’ll let go of me”

“I already did”

“You did? ”

“She walked out of me”He said.

“Obviously,not from your heart”

“Peter, i had feelings for Monica for about a year now ”

“What? ”

He nodded in affirmation.

“Since when we were in secondary school? ”


“You should have just told her since then or at least told me “I said.

“You and I know that she likes you alot that she didn’t even notice that she was hurting me secretly”He said.

“Vincent, i’m so sorry”

“You ought not to apologise ”

“I’ll talk to her”

“if it will make her like me, please do”

“I promise i will”

I stared at him but he said nothing.

“Please enough of this depressed look, put on a smile”

“Will it make Monica like me so quickly? ”


He smiled reluctantly revealing his dimple. “Monica should at least fall for your dimple”I said. “You’re flattering me already”

“And you know i don’t have a dimple”

“Come take mine”He teased.

“Oh no, keep that for Monica,it makes you more handsome”

We laughed.

“You’re one in a million Peter,you just cheered me up and i really appreciate”

“You don’t have to.All the same, you are most welcome”I said and to my greatest surprise,he hugged me.

“C’mon guy, let’s race” I said pulling his body away from mine.

B’cos it’s kinda awkward.




Peter’s POV.

Soon we began to race marathonly.I was kinda tired already…i guess he was too.

Then we began to jog instead.

“You also wanted to tell me something”Vincent reminded me.

I have indeed forgotten though.

“Oh, yeah”

“So what’s it? ” He asked.

“I’ve got an housemaid”I told him.

“…And what’s so special about that? “He said as he stopped running then i halted too.

“The fact that she’s gonna coach me very well”I told him.

“Coach you? ”


“I don’t understand”

“You know how poor i am when it comes to Biology,don’t you? ” I asked.

“Of course, i do. You should have just gotten a private teacher or rather a… ”

“She’ll be my private teacher”

“Who? ”

“My housemaid”I replied.

He laughed hilariously but i interrupted him.

“Is not what you’re thinking. She’s educated”I briefly said.

He stopped laughing.


“I’m serious ”

“Why is she working as an housemaid then? “He asked.

“I really don’t know but i’ll get to know soon”

“She’s supposed to be in a company.,I mean she’s supposed to work somewhere big”

“That’s not what i mean by she’s educated…She just completed her secondary….just

like both of us”I explained.

“Now i understand””But..she’s your housemaid”He said.

“I think that’s my opinion”I said.

“And i hope you won’t regret it”

“Not at all”I smiled.




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