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Flora – Episode 8


Flora’s Pov

“Lies aside, you’re a very good cook” He said.

“Thanks..”I blushed secretly.

Yes, he said something nice to me for the very first time.

I blushed. I just hope it wasn’t obvious or wasn’t too obvious.

“Don’t mention”He said.

I smiled and packed his dishes into a tray.

“I’ll be right back”I said.

***Almost in a jiffy..,i was back to the dinning room.

“I’m not going back to the room,it’s kinda stuffy”He complained.

But,the room was not stuffy… at all.

“Here then”I agreed.

“Go get my note from my room”He commanded.

Is he supposed to order me afterall..?

I hope i’m not gonna regret this?

I should have just rebuked him in the first instance….Now, he is actually ordering

me to go to his room and get his note…. Arrrgh

“Flora”he called.

Now, i drove back to my senses.

“I’ll get the note” I said and exited.



Peter’s POV

Someone knocked

“Just a second”I said leaving the dinning room to the door..

There stood an old woman….not too old though.

Who is she? and What’s her stress?

“Good day ma’am, How may i help you?”I asked. “I’m here to meet my daughter”She replied. “Your daughter?

I’m sorry ma’am, you’re in the wrong house. Your daughter is not here”I said about to close the door.

“Am i not in The Bensons’…”

“You are”I interrupted.

“My daughter works here as a maid, Her name is Flora, Flora Daves. I’m Mrs Daves”She briefly introduced her self.

“Oh ma’am, Come in.I’m sorry…”I beckoned her in.

“Pls sit ma’am and feel very comfortable” “Fl….. “I was about to scream her



Then i left the living room..


Flora ‘s POV.

“Mom”I shouted joyfully and hugged her immediately. “My daughter,My one and only, My everything…” “Mom i have missed you so much”

“I missed you as well my baby”Momma said.

“Forgive me mom but trust me, i would have come to visit you but i’ve got a very

tight schedule daily”

“I understand”

Unexpected tears began to fall from my eyes as i stared at My mom.Not too long, she began to weep also.

“You’ll come off this soon”She assured patting my head and drawing me closer to herself.

I said nothing but cried instad.

“My sister was here last week” Momma added.

“Aunt Paulina! ”

“Yeah,She’s working in a very stupendous….”

I interrupted.

Aunt Paulina is working somewhere Big? “That’s very good to hear.. I’m so happy she.. ‘” “She’s not happy with you”

“Why?… What have i done wrong? ” I asked innocently.

“She’s not happy with me either ”

“Why? ”

“‘cos i let you out to work as an housemaid…” She said looking downcasted.

“Afterall,i’m earning”

“She want you to quit”

“What? ”

Oh my God, I’m getting adapted already.. Why now?

“Mom.. ”

“You’re happy about it? ”

I put on a false smile…



Flora’s POV.

I escorted Mom to the main door, promising to return home soon. Soon yet i don’t know the specific date.

I really do not want to return home,at least… not yet…’cos i’m kinda adapted here now.


After waving BYE,i returned back to the living room,engrossingly thinking whether to quit the job or not. …

I didn’t even know peter came over.

“She left already?”Peter asked coming closer.

“Flora”He called.

No response.

“Hey”He tapped my shoulder.

“Wh..what? ”

“Wait, why do you look so depressed?”He asked.

“I’m fine” I denied.

“Not with this look”He argued.

“Ok, it’s private”I said as i stood up and shout to leave..

“Then you can share it with me…only me…Then i’ll get it half-solved”He insisted. “I’m sorry,I don’t wanna share it with you”I said not looking at him

“Ok, fine! fine and fine.,i give up”He said..; “Shall we continue now? ” “With? ” I turned back.

Opps, i had totally forgotten…but continue what?

“Huh? ”

“I don’t remember”

“Or you don’t wanna tutor me anymore? ” He said disappointedly.

“Ohh my”I remembered.

“Hmmn? ”

“I wanna have a nap now”I said then walked into my room before he could say

something else.



Monica’s POV.

Just immediately after i had my lunch… the door bell rang.

“I’m coming “I walked steadily to the door and opened it… to my greatest surprise…

“Sweet Mom” I exclaimed,hugging her tightly.

“My Sweetest daughter”

I blushed.

“I have really missed you Momma”I said releasing the hug.

“I missed you more honey”

We hugged again but this time,she kissed my cheek.

“But you didn’t tell me you were gonna come home today”

“That’s because i wanted to surprise you”

“Oh my God, this is more than a suprise..”I exclaimed.

“I’m glad you aren’t mad at me afterall” She smiled.

“What about dad? ” I asked.

“He’s still in Europe,he has something to accomplish”Mom said.

“I have missed him so muchas well “I said.

“We both have missed you too”

Mom patted me on the head like a kid.

“..So you slept at home all alone? ”

“Yeah, mom ” I replied.

“You didn’t go visit Kate? ”

“She travelled”

“What about Peter? ”

“He seldoms come here”

“He never spent the night here? ”

“Mom” I interrupted.

“What? ”

“He’s a guy”

“I know… you never spent the night there too”

I shooked my head.

“Why not? ”


“You both spent the night all alone? ”

“He wasn’t alone”I told her.

“Oh,Is mom is around.Didn’t she travel or is she back’s thursday….?”

“Not his mom”

“Then his dad…ohh but why? ”

“Not his dad neither”

“But, you just said he isn’t alone”

“Here, he has a maid already”

“Really? ”

I nodded.

“It’s as well as being lonely. C’mon,he is a guy, he can’t do the cooking you know?”

“Mom” I scorned.


“Come to think of it, When a guy’s alone with a lady.. There’s every tendency for… ”

Opps, Mom interrupted me.

“You just said he has a maid”

“Yeah, a maid… ”

“What tendency are you talking about then? ”

“Nevermind mom”

“I will ‘cos i’m very soon you gonna tell me.. “Momma said.

I kinda frowned.

“All what he’s going on between you and Peter…”She added.



Jeez,She already gave a wrong conclusion.




Author:Wunmi Ijaola

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