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Flora – Episode 9


“I must confess, you look so posh”Mrs smith commented.

“C’mon,stop teasing, you’re not looking bad yourself “Mrs Benson said smiling. “So how is work @ Australia ?”

“Not bad my dear, and how is Europe? ”

“All well and good.My husband is still there though”

“Why didn’t he return too? ”

“I came home to see my sweet angel…”

“Awwn and how is she doing?”

“Too well,What about Peter? ”

“He’s good as well”

“So splendid”

“Yeah,so are sure you don’t want anything now? “Mrs benson asked.

“Hmmn,seems like i do” Monica’s mom replied smiling.

“C’mon, just mention;Snacks? or Juice?.. I know you love Apple”

Mrs Smith smiled; “Yeah,Apple juice is Ok”She requested. “A very chilled one”She added.

“I’m at your demand girlfriend”Peter’s mom replied and they both laughed.

She then yelled Flora’s name and she came at the second call.

“Ma’am”Flora said.

“Two glasses of Apple juice” She demanded then She left.

“The housemaid right?” Mrs Smith asked.

“Yeah,i had to get Peter a maid since i and his dad weren’t at home constantly”

“I understand,Monica already told me”

“You know what? ,I have been yearning for something ”

“What’s that? ”

“Our children are really compatible ” Peter’s Mom said.

“C’mon. we can talk more about that perhaps when… ”

Flora return with just a small try with what Mrs Benson demanded for.

They didn’t say anything till she left.

“No dear, we should talk about it now”

“Maybe you’re right ”

“Come to think of it, we’ll become families and no longer best friends” “Yeah…so are those two in a relationship now? ” Mrs Smith asked.

“I have absolutely no idea but i’m gonna ask him soon” “Monica said something like that yesterday” Mrs Smith said.

“They are in a relationship ?..Oh my God.. It gonna lead to marriage instantly”Mrs Benson smiled gladly.

“My Monica loves Peter and that’s too obvious”

“C’mon, Peter loves her too.. They are really gonna make a best couple”

“Sure.. but for now, Education is their major know?” Monica’s mom said.

“Same as marriage” Peter’s mom added.






Peter’s POV

On a sunday.

“Peter, can we talk for some minutes?”My mom asked.

“Sure” I sat down very close to her put my hand over her neck.

“You don’t wanna share your love affair with me? ” Momma resumed.



“Or you think it’s not the right time to let me know? ”

“Mom stop being funny” I said.

“I’m actually not” She said.

I was silent.

“Fine, you can tell me when you want to” Momma said.

“I’m not into any love affair” I said.

“Why?..You aren’t a kid anympre you know that? You are 21….”

I interrupted her.

“You don’t need to remind me of my age… I.. ”

“C’mon, just open up to me instead of lying”

“I’m very serious”

“What? ”

“No girlfriend ” I said.

“What about Monica? Isn’t she your girlfriend? ”

“Listen Mom,I and Monica are just friends”I said courageously.”Best of friends” I added.

“You’ve both come a very long way, so why isn’t she your girlfriend yet? ”

“Does that need an answer”

“I really want an answer Peter, I’m damn serious…” Mom screamed at me. Wait, why is she taking this so uneasy?

“I like her as a friend and i have no other feelings for her ” I replied. “You kidding me Peter, can you pls stop now? ” “Mom, i’m damn serious too.. This is not a joke”

“You’re making me go crazy Peter”

I took my hand way from her before she does something crazy.She just said she’s crazy!

“But mom, Why are you taking this issue so serious?”

“Tell me, why won’t i?

Are you blind or something? Monica is so beautiful,so kind, so emotional….”

“Mom, I wanna study now” I stood up about to leave.

“You dare not take another step”Mom ordered.


“So who is your girlfriend?”She asked.

“I thought i just told you that i have no girlfriend yet..”I replied.

“You don’t have feelings for Monica as well then who do you have feelings for? ” I was mute.

“Tell me” She turned all of a sudden calm.

“Not yet”I replied then i exited.




“Oh no, this is not my son, this is not my peter…I’m sure he’s sick or something..” I heard mom soliloquising.



I got to my room.. Jeez, i can’t concentrate.



Peter’s POV.

“Mom, i’ll be back soon” I said,tugging my shirt.

“…and where are you off to? “Mom asked.

It’s very obvious that she is really furious with me.

“I wanna hang out with Francis and Vincent”I replied.

She scorned at me and said nothing.

“Mom” I called.

“Listen Peter.. I.. ”

I interrupted sharply.

“Not again Mom,I can’t date Monica.. i… ”

“Not even that”Mom said.

I stared at her.

“I’m not talking about Monica”She said frowning angrily at me.


“Then what? ”

“I’m travelling back to England tomorrow”She said.

That’s really nice to hear.Flora has been unable to tutor me ever since mom returned yesterday.

I must confess,Flora is really a great teacher.

“Ok mom”I said.

She stared at me… Jeez, she is almost in tears… Almost.. “Peter, why do you decide to hurt me this much”She resumed. Ohh my God,there she goes again. But this time, she began to cry. Wait, is this so serious? Did i really hurt her?

“Mom” I wrapped my hand over her neck and i wiped her tears with the other. “Peter, just let me be.You ruined my day already”Mom said taking my hand away from her neck.

“I’m so sorry”I said.

I hate to see my mom cry but why must she cry over this issue?

“You’re sorry?” She stared at me.

I nodded in affirmation.

“You’re sorry about what? “She asked.

I said nothing.

“Why are you sorryPeter? ”

“I’m just sorry…”I muttered… “For everything” I added.

“You’re sorry that you can’t date Monica? ” Momma asked.

“Oh mom, why? ”

“Answer me”

I was mute.

“If you really want me to accept your apology…”

Hold on, she is actually threatening me?

“..then you go and date Monica ..”She concluded.

“What? Mom? ”

“Go and propose to her right away”She said.

Jeez, She’s forcing me…

This time, she is not more in tears, perhaps she shaded a crocodile tears earlier.

“I can’t do that Mom” I fired back.

“Are you stupid? ”

“Obviously, i’m not.. Listen Mom, very soon Monica will fall in love with another guy…”

She cut in sharply…

“Is not because she loves you but because i want you guys to end up together…” What the heck???

“Mom, you already said you won’t talk about this again”

“I never said so” Mom fired back..

“I got to go now, Francis and Vincent are expecting me already” I said.

“You’re going nowhere not until you agree with me to date Monica”Mom threatened.

This is not my mom, i’m 100% sure.

I walked to the door and then turned the knob.She locked the door already.

I turned my gaze to my mom.

“Mom, the key” I requested.

“Date Monica”She said instead.

I’m not a baby for crying out loud! Why is she treating me like one?… She locked the door?

“Forget, i have a spare key”I said,walking to my room.

“If only you’ll find it there”Mom said and showed me a bunch if keys. That’s mine….Arrrgh, when did she take it?

“Fine, i have heard…it’s Alright”

“Did you just say ‘It’s alright’? ” “What for? ”

“I will think about it”I said.

“About dating Monica? ”

“Yeah, i’ll think about it” I repeated.

So will she give me the key now?

“You don’t need to think about this.. There’s absolutely nothing to think

about..”She said.

I frowned.

“Ok,fine, you’re really gonna think about it? ”


She threw the key on the centre table.

“..And to visit Monica as well today”She said.

I did not say anything rather than to continue to frown till i unlocked the door and

left the house.



This is not my mom! Or is she drunk already?

No,Mom doesn’t drink.

But why is so acting this strange?

So so Unsual!







Author:Wunmi Ijaola

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