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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 11

Girl Of My Dream🔞

police:: drop your weapon, if you move I blow your your head up.. (but Niger police funny o, if na American, you will hearing freeze, but her if move I blow u up, well na part part of watin them take know us be that) by this time, they have handcuffed Kunle, I sprang up with every force ran to where Tola is

me:: officers please help her, I don’t want her to die. **they rushed her to where only God know but I know she’s in safe hand. I stoop up to go and see Godwin lifeless body when I4 pump into my dad**

me:: dad….,you lead the squad here yourself?

dad”:: son you’re safe now let me take you to hospital now

**my dad is is a commissioner & am his only son, so he has no other4 option than to come and save his only son himself**

me:: my friend is dead because of dad, my only friend. dad I want justic .

Dad:: don’t worry, I will make sure take this case to any level.More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.

me:: my friend is really gone? asking nobody in particular.. “” I was just crying like a baby chick, whose mother has been killed”” I remembered the good time we sheared together

Dad:: son stop crying and let’s go..

I followed him straight to the hospital where Tola was admitted.

the next day Lekan came to visit us

me:: guy how far na?

lekan:: is she okay?

me:: the doctor said she will be fine o. I just hope so too. **five minutes silent**

me:: but lekan, how my dad take know say I enter gawhu when he take come rescue me?

lekan:: I went to call him myself.

me:: you called him? how you take know too?

lekan:: that day when they abduct una so, I dey the bank, I see you and Godwin as them dey drag una enter motor, na so I stop cab tell am say make he follow una car. as we see say them dey drag una enter bush and only me nor go fit withstand them. I rush go police station tell them, as they hear me mentioned kidnap, them go turn deaf ear instantly.. na the second day I remember say you talk say your papa na police officer. I I reach there when I mention your papa name, na so they give way. I come latter realize say your dad na commissioner. as I enter dey shake as I dey explain na so he jump go up say my only son. I escort them reach where una motor take stop…..


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