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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 12 [Completed]

Girl Of My Dream🔞

Final sagar

I went back to Tola to see her, she has not opened her eyes yet. inside me, if this girl die I go fit survive this world? I hold her hand

me:: my love, my Angel, I don’t know if you are hearing me, Lekan has explained everything to my dad now, so no more secret again. but I want to tell you one big secret. I want to disclose it to you alone b4 others will know it. when you open your eyes, I want to be the first person that will congratulate cos am going to slip this round object into your hand. am sorry for protecting you well.

*my dad walk in*

me:: welcome dadr

dad:: thank you my boy, how are you feeling now?

me:: I dey okay now

dad:: (giving me a heavy knock on my head) what is I dey okay?

me:: but dad…. *grinning*

dad:: correct yourself

me:: am okay

dad:: that’s my boy. well Ade, I came to tell you that kunle case has been adjourn to next week. don’t worry I will surely seek justices for your friend.

(doctor walk in with one nurse)

doctor:: good afternoon sir

dad:: good afternoon doc. thank you so much.

lovr: sir we are only doing our job sir. I came to check on her if she’s awake but it seems like…..**he paused when he heard Tola scream**

Tola:: **talking to her self while still on sick bed** plz don’t push me away am begging you, I can’t leave you here please let me go with you.

(I move close to her hold her hand very tight and I whispered into her ear)

me:: please don’t go am waiting for you here, don’t leave me in this lonely world. I love you so much.

(she opened her eyes with her weak voice she muttered the same word

Tola:: I love you too…**she look around asking** where is Godwin?

me:: he’s dead..(I started crying aging)

Tola:: now I know why he was pushing me away not to follow him. I was going to the same direction with him but he keep on pushing to go back… **she was now crying**

me:: baby please stop crying.. (so you mean say this girl don enter spirit world come back?) baby I want to tell you something

Doc:: let her rest b4 you tell her anything

me:: doctor, it might be too late. let me tell her now then I leave everything to God. **I turn to Tola, I brought one round object that has no end, I went on my knee**

me:: Tola I just want to fulfill my promise to you. I said it already that this the first thing I will do when you open your eyes.. WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Tola:: **open her mouth wide enough that “”zip my mouth””** she look around and turn to me again crying** Adeblow, ever since I met you, you’ve never for once maltreat, you are someone I could always rely on. you gave me hope when I lost it,**she stood up come close to me and kneel with me. looking me straight in the eye** YES I WILL4

(I slip the none ending object into her finger. Coolvall, come see as sick person they kiss me like say her life dey inside my lips. and me when be say I dey shy, she dey kiss me for every body present.)

my dad come close to me again give me a knock

dad:: won’t you do the same thing or you want her to do the kissing alone when you know that she not feeling fine.. **everybody burst enter laugh**

we fixed the wedding, everything went successful. two year later I have two team as my children now

question:: how many player make a team? add them together, that’s what God blessed me with..

one afternoon my dad gave me a call.

me:: hello dad

dad:: son how are doing?

me:: fine dad

dad:: son I just want to tell you that Kunle just escape from prison. so we don’t know what he’s up to now, so be vigilant.

me:: okay dad.. he ends the call.


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