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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 2

Girl Of My Dream🔞

sitting on our pavement reading one novel when I noticed a damsel coming towards me. I raised my head up to see the figure eight. lo and behold it was Tola. (for my mind I said God don catch you today, if I nor pour my hear give you make I know watin cause am.

Tola:: good morning **with angelic voice**

me:: good morning how may I help you? ( pretending not to know her)

Tola:: please is this Mrs Fausat’s house?

me:: (see English. me when I nor fit speak fluently, how I take cope with her now? anyway

I no go fall my hand) yes anything? **I don’t know the house but have to convince her so I can know what she wants**

Tola:: **smiling** can you show me Kunle’s room please?

me:: **flashed back to my dream** babe, actually this not her house butr go that way you will see the house **pointing to the next 7th building..

Tola:: thank you… she left

immediately she left, something just just pushed me to follow her. I have no choice than to follow my mind.. I trail her to the house. I saw the Kunle. he came out from the room hugging her forcefully. I wan go meet them but fear grip me instantly. I ran back home feeling dejected.

how can i be running away from a fellow man like me? no, it can not happen. I was lost in my thought when Godwin barge in. Godwin:: guy how far na?

me:: I nor dey fine nor.. imaging Tola carry herself by herself come meet me for here, instead make I proceed with my plan, I come dey show her Kunle house.r

Godwin:: which Kunle?

me:: na one guy when dey stay near them Lekan na.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

Godwin:: that O.P.C. guy?

O.P.C.? the guy na O.P.C. ?

Godwin:: yes na..! wait o, adeblow, you dey think watin I dey think so?

me:: chain..! see kasala.. anyway nothing do am. even Bible talk say the kingdom of God suffer gragra, and the people with gragra later gain am. as for me, I won’t give up on her.. something is wrong with her and I have to help her.

Godwin:: who you dey speak grammer give? speak watin I hear.

me:: nor go improve your English..


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