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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 3

Girl Of My Dream🔞

Favour:: bro adeblow, you came to visit us today?

me:: Aburo (junior kid in Yoruba lang) I came see things myself jare, don’t mind me, I’ll make it up for u. is your brother inside?

favour:: you mean bro Lekan?

me:: yes na,p

Favour:: he just see one of his friend off now. he would soon be back..

me:: okay I will wait for him…

fifteen minutes later lekan comes back.

Lekan:: adeblow, adeblow. the only guy when go see girl he heart ho dey beat for him back..

me:: guy stop that talk, I don change now in fact na watin carry me come be that. Lekan:: now you want say make I give you tips on how to toast girl now abi? me:; thunder fire you.. I get one problem o Lekan:: about what?

me:: e get one girl when dey come meet this una neighbor for here. her name na Tola and the maga when she dey see for here na Kunle b he name…

Lekan:: yes, I know them. but the girl b like person when they force enter relationship. how I wish I know her very well I for rescue her.

me:: what do you mean by force?

lekan:: the girl always dey come every weekend. so in the night I go dey hear ”whether you like it or not,r you are mine & nothing will change change it.” all these grammer when I no understand go dry follow.

me:: I see..! guy I need your help now, this girl is my world. I want to save her. all I need from you now is to gather some information for me.

Lekan:: you mean am?

me:: yes na

Lekan:: you know say the guy na O.P.C. ?

me:: I know everything already.. just help me, and don’t try anything stupid cos I know what you are capable of..

Lekan:: ever since I meet that my chikala, I don stop to dey c7ause problem na.. no worry my friend.

me:: thank you… I left for my house.

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