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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 5

Girl Of My Dream🔞

Lekan and Godwin barge into my room

me:: guyz, una lack home training, una mama no teach una say una suppose knock another person door b4 una enter?

lekan:: ya father.. after u don use us stand yesterday night finish you come dey vomit rubbish here..Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

me:: guy, the girl hug me that night o…

Godwin:: na watin no make us no wait again b that na.

me:: guy but problem dey oo

Lekan:: where problem dey come from?

me:: na that my babe o, she explain some kind things for me I come dey fear but I promise her say I go save her..

Godwin:: the girl when you just meet so don turn babe over night.. anyway, watin she talk?

***** ******* ********* ********* ********** ********

Tola:: how? from who? what do I mean? which question I go first answer now.. abi you dey fear my explanation?

me:: baby, I have come a long way7 loving you though I was unable to tell you my feelings, trust me am ready to shear your pain, sorrow & joy with you. just tell me about it.

Tola:: **sigh** its about Kunle my fiancée. the guy that am seeing now, he never want me to go.

me:: Wait, do you love him

Tola:: I never love him

me:: then you like him?

Tola:: hell, no..

me:: am relief now you can proceed

Tola:: yes my lord

me:: we are not in High Court, why yes my lord of a thing?

Tola:: I have never see you talking like this b4. baby am afraid loose you (hugging me again)

this is problematic, we just met and you’ve love like kilode** me:: baby, it’s okay,just tell me what the problem is..

Tola:: Kunle happens to be our family friend.. I know not who he was then she my father entrusted me to him b4 he passed out. there is nothing we can do to feed our selves with. One day its just like a dream to me when this evil man assault my kid sister sexually. after everything, my sister pasted out. my mother went and report him to the elders, they all turn deaf ear all bcos this evil man has bribe them all. he brought me to this strange land I know nothing about. he promise to kill me if I try any silly mistake with him. so am looking for the perfect time that I will drain his soul from his body but it seem he is into some Ogboni group, cos I do see him

drinking from a skull. when he brought me here *** she stopped and look me in the eyes**

me:: waiting he do you after he bring you come here?


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