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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 7

Girl Of My Dream🔞

she pull me back and I fell on the bed. b4 I could say jack Robinson we’ve engaged ourselves in kissing.. in between my tight, little Adeblow that know nothing, is telling me to climb mountain Everest.. we were like that when i felt something like current passing from my head going to my toes.. this current was now flowing fast continually.. guy no time time to waste. nobody teach small pinkin how them dey waka so nobody go tell me to touch here don’t touch that place.. the current flow enter my hand carry am go her bre ast. Tola’s n—-e were already strong enough to pierce my skin.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

initially I was afraid of any activities that could serve as a catalyst relapse.. I heard that first day doing it can result into daddy, mummy did not give me money for sweet. you know what I mean na.. she was on fire but I was so naive to understand her.. (don’t blame me, it’s my first time banging a lady so you know the rest story na)

she was on fire but I couldn’t do much due to my to the tight position. the ecstasy was so high. I thought she will collapse but to my greatest surprise, I heard her calling me in a way that if I were Buhara, I will beg Jonathan to come back to office. but I am me I can’t be who people want me to be.. so Adeblow will always remain Adeblow… back to our story,

Tola:: baby, am boiling, give it to me harder.. Adeblow, blow me up with your strength please. where the strength dey?

**abeg, I no fit go further again.**

after everything, she stood up

Tola:: thank you Adeblow

me:: you’re welcome…

she left for the bathroom to clean herself up. came back.

me:: but babe, you be wan kill me o.

Tola:: don’t tell me you did not enjoyed it….

me:: of cause I enjoyed it.

Tola:: but you’re a learner?

me:: learner? what am I learning? **I never understand what she meant by that**

Tola:: never mind… I have to leave now

me:: but where did you learn all those that you were giving me?

she did not answer me. she just focus on her dress that she was putting on. I just let her be maybe am over stepping my boundary with her.. I saw her off and came back to my room to replay all what that just happen twenty minute ago…

stay tune as we enter the dangerous part of the story.. hmm. I still remember when I wrote my ssce.. they asked us to write an easy with no less than 450 words ending with “HAD I KNOW” now am saying had I know.. just stay tune… one love


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