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Girl Of My Dream🔞 – Episode 9

Girl Of My Dream🔞


caller:: if you know say your name resemble Adeblow, open ur deaf ear and listen, your girlfriend dey here with us, and we need fifty thousand for her exchange.. Mr man, if you play game with us, na her dead body you go meet.

me:: sir how can I find…..

*the caller cut me short*

caller:: shut up fool. let me finish. I will text you the location and don’t bring any fu-Ckin police or esle, you, me ya girl., you know what I mean

he ends the call..

me:: who this caller be? is it kunle? no am not sure. if he’s behind this, would he be asking for money? I tried lekan’s number switched off. okay let me try Godwin

Godwin:: guy how far na? how your chickala?

me:: there is fire on the mountain o. some people just kidnap Tola them dey demand for fifty thousand for her ransom. I don dey try lekan number, but ebdey switch off

Godwin:: where you dey now

me:: I dey road dey go bank go withdraw the money.. (my papa get small change, so me I nor dey lack)

Godwin:: okay wait for there for me, I dey come now

me:: okay.

as I come out of the bank, I saw Godwin coming down from the other side of the road

Godwin:: so na how the thing take happen?

me:: na call I receive. but first we go go check her first b4 we go the location when they text me so..

**as we were about to cross the busy road, a tinted car packed in front of us, before I know what is happening me and Godwin did not see our feet on the ground. but we found our selves inside a moving car. about thirty minutes, the came to a halt. they drag us out of the car like a criminals. they drag us inside a forest. they remove the rags from our face cos they blindfold all these while. the first person that came to my view was Tola.

me:: Tola, what are you doing here? when I heard a familiar voice. will you stop that noise? I turn to see who the person was

me:: Kunle, so you’re the devil behind all these?

Kunle:: behind what? that you and your girlfriend will die in my hand?

me:: alright then I brought the money for the ransom

Kunle:: money you said? I don’t need ya money, that’s the only way to bring you out of you hole that you’re hiding. about the money, you can take it along with you to heaven and spend it there. fools. tie him there with her an for his friend tie him separate.**

Tola:: baby am sorry for everything.

me:: how long have being here?

Tola:: two days now without food. am afraid that my worst nightmare has come to past.

me:: none of us will die. just put your trust on God alone. I know he will do it for us cos he has did it before. let’s just hope that God will intervene..

meanwhile Godwin was just staring at us.. ****** ********* ********* ********** I know he will be regretting now. well what will be will be. still in the forest


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