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His New Secretary🔞 – Episode 11

His New Secretary🔞

Ella’s POV


What” I shouted , this man is really a pervert. He came nearer while I reached for the door . I don’t get why I don’t feel safe with him maybe it’s because of his unending threats

You had me right Ms Carter, I want you ” he said and lick his lips are joking right ” I said stammering. Jeez! Why do my voice always betray me when it comes to him .

It doesn’t seems so ” he replied dragging me to his desk pinning me down . Is this man crazy ? In as mum I’m having goose bump right now , I will never allow him have his way .

Get off me ” I yelled as he trace kiss to my abdomen, I continue beating my lower lip so that I won’t let a moan escape and to be honest, I think I’m enjoying it .

Not so fast darling” his hand find it’s way to my b**bs but I was quick enough to stop him . I need to do something else , I will be the very one to regret this ..

I tried pushing him off me but he is way too strong. Gosh ! What do I do ?

I was able to move my legs and kick him in the forbidden area which left him

groaning as he fell on the floor .

I didn’t actually mean to do that but that’s the only option I have .

You ” he said pointing at me while I stick my tongue out at him .

Have a good day Mr Boss ” I said and left the office ..

Pheeew … That was an escape but I don’t get why his closeness makes my legs go weak all the time .




Elle what keep you so long ” mum asked as I entered into her ward

I’m really sorry mum , I had some office work to complete and I just finished them” I replied and sat beside her on the bed

How are you coping ” she asked

I’m fine mum, the doctor said your surgery will commence in two days ” I informed her. I just pray she survives it else I’m gonna crummy eyes out , I mean she’s the only family I have aside Lia my best friend.

That’s a good news, thank you Elle ”

Stop thanking me mum will you? I’m happy you are staying strong for me okay” I replied while she nodded

Now stand up, I bought some food for you” I helped her sat properly on the bed before I began feeding her .

I’m okay Elle ”

Are you sure ?” I asked and she nodded , at least she ate more than yesterday and that should be an improvement..

Then you have to rest now ” I said but she shook her head

I’m tired of lying here helplessly , I need to tell you something Elle ” she said more seriously

Something? Anyways I don’t think you are that strong yet but you will do that when you have undergone your surgery” I chirped

No.. I want you to….”

Good afternoon Ms Carter” the doctor greeted coming in and cutting my mum off

what was she about telling me ?

Good afternoon doc ” I smiled at him

I can see you are having a good time with your mum but I want to have a word with you in my office” he said

Okay hope there’s no problem” I asked

Not at all , your mum needs rest and we having to discuss here might disturb her

he explained while I nodded and followed him to his office

Your mum is responding to treatment now and she’s recovering quiet well , did you still want us to commence the surgery?” He asked

Doctor, you know I don’t know anything about this which ever is the best is the one I want ”

The thing is , since she started responding to treatment the cancer will all leave but will take a lot of time while the surgery is once and for all” he said

Then I still prefer the surgery doctor” I replied

Alright then , you have to sign this document” he said and passed me some papers. I signed it and gave it to him . I mean I want mum to recover quick yeah..

You may now leave Ms Carter, thanks for your time ” he smiled at me as I stood up to leave .

I came back to meet mum already sleeping. Maybe our discussion will be some other times thou I’m curious to know what she insist on telling me .

I should go and come back tomorrow and will inform my so called boss , I need a lift to take care of mum and be with her during the period of her surgery.


Home sweet home ! I fell on the bed trying to get some sleep but I think it’s far from me right now .

I prayed so hard for my mum. That should be my number one priority you know. And will that ass of a boss agree to give me a day off? But even if he refuse I will have to disobey him this time around and forget his threats . Like we are talking

about my mother here .

Anyways till tomorrow. I stood up from the bed to the kitchen to get something it or I will just prepare noodles, it’s being a while I took it .

Unknown POV

The flight while land in 10minutes sir , tighten up your belt ” my pilot informed . I’m back to South Korea to stay till I find my Nora and daughter.

The plane landed in no time and I alighted together with my private agent . I brought him with me so we could look for them together and I’m sure if I find them this time around, I will never let them leave my sight again never ! I have been foolish enough and for Emmett who drugged my daughter into loosing her memory just to forget about his damn son, I will make sure I retaliate even if it means killing him .

Yeah I just learnt that few days ago of how my young daughter’s brain was wiped with a hard drug.

I haven’t known your name baby girl but I love you” I said to myself and walked towards where my car was waiting for us .

If you are wondering, I’m also a multi billionaire. Well that doesn’t matter now I need to go home and have a good rest because from tomorrow is gonna be hectic…

Reed’s POV.

That nerve of a girl

. Yesterday was hella hell for me before I could get up from

the floor .

And now I’m back to work sure going to see her today .

No one ever refuse me but she ! It amuse me that I don’t know the kind of girl she is . I think I’m beginning to like her .

Don’t get me wrong I mean like not love .

A knock came on my door stopping me from my thoughts .

” Come in”

The door cracked open revealing my personal agent

Good morning Boss ” he greeted while I frown at him

Any news ?” I queried

Yes boss, from the information I got yesterday, Harley and her mother left South Korea that very day there disappeared on the order of your father ” he said .

My father? Why is he bent on destroying my happiness?

I won’t spare him this time around, I’m gonna kill him with my bare hands .

He has done enough….

I took my suit pushing him off the way outside..

He has to die a painful death..

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