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How Do Musicians Make Money?

How Do Musicians Make Money?

A curious young boy came to me and asked, “how do musicians make money?”
As if I was expecting him to ask that, so I quickly replied to him with a question too “Why did you ask?” He was like “ Bro I just downloaded a song online without paying the music artiste and I have been doing that for a very long time.
I laughed and said I will get back to you bro! So instead of me repeating myself, I have decided to use this article to table the answer to his question“how do musicians make money?”. I am also writing this down here because I believe there are other people out there that are still going to ask the same question. Therefore below is my answer to the question.

1) They make money from music shows: Have you ever watched top artists performed? Yes, I mean on TV or Online, in fact anywhere. Well, I know your answer is most likely to be a YES. Anyway, most times these artists are paid a very huge amount of money just to perform for just a few minutes. This huge money being paid to them is as a result of there fame. Now, what brought fame? It is that song you are always downloading for free online that is fetching them cool money today. Even upcoming artists get paid for performing at local shows especially where they have their fan base.

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2) They make money from endorsement deals: This is yet another sweet source of income for musicians. When a musician gets the required fame and popularity, most top brands and companies in the country will sort after them and sign some deals with them. On this kind of deal, the function of the musician is to promote and represent the company’s brand which in turn brings a lot of growth to the company due to the influence of the musician. This particular musician will get paid assigned in the contract.


3) Musicians Get Paid For Appearance: Yes this should not amaze you, that is what fame and popularity can cause. Most times you see artists on red carpets, interviews, events and other interesting places. The truth is that most of them paid for just appearing at such events because their appearance at such events will make people pay their hard-earned money to be at such events in other to see their favorite music stars.

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4) Musicians make money from YouTube: Imagine one of your favorite artists just released the music video of one of your favorite songs. Then you quickly rush to YouTube to watch the video without paying a dime and you are happy. Do you know that YouTube pays the music artists for the number of views they get on each video? Why will YouTube pay them? I know that’s the question that just popped up into your head. Well, this is so because they run ads on these music videos most times.


5) Musicians get paid for songwriting/Composing: Well, the truth is that there are some music artists in the world today who rely on ghost songwriters and they are doing very well in the music industry. These songwriters who are also musicians get paid for there job.

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Well, there are other several ways musicians make money that may not be touched here but in case you know them already, why not use the comment section to share your thoughts. I guess the question “how do musicians make money” is already answered in this article today. So if you found this really useful, why not share this article with your friends and family. The social share buttons can be easily used for that. Thanks, I hope to see you here again.

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