Toke Makinwa Condemns Those Speaking Against Plastic Surgery

Toke Makinwa Condemns Those Speaking Against Plastic Surgery

While media personality, Toke Makinwa, might be happy with the results from her Brazilian Bu*t Lift (BBL) surgery, some people still find her and other celebrities who have gone under the knife to enhance their body features to be going against certain moral standards and religious commandments.

Recently, Nigerian actor, Richard Mofe Damijo criticised women who are going under the knife to regulate their frame. He said that a woman who’s certainly at ease might not move underneath the knife simply to get validation from others.

While some accept as true with him, Toke Makinwa seems to be unhappy approximately his stance.

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Although she didn’t outrightly speak towards him, Makinwa regarded to be throwing sunglasses while she insinuated that it’s miles no one’s business what people pick to do with their our bodies.

In her put up, she adviced that human beings ought to judge less and thoughts their business.

Richard Mofe Damijo


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